ResMed S9 VPAPā„¢ S

The VPAP™ S is a fully-integrated bilevel device designed to address noncompliant OSA patient needs.

Based on the award-winning S9 platform, the VPAP S includes optional wireless monitoring, central sleep

apnea (CSA) detection and optional integrated oximetry. It also features a Sleep Quality Indicator, which allows patients to view their therapy progress on a daily basis.

Together with ResMed’s Enhanced Easy-Breathe technology and Climate Control humidification system, the VPAP S delivers quiet comfort to a wide range of patients, from noncompliant CPAP users to those requiring additional ventilatory support.


ResMed’s VPAP – A sleep therapy system that delivers more—four and more .Now part of the S9 Series, ResMed’s VPAP bilevels bring you four innovations to ensure your patients sleep comfortably through the night and feel the benefits of healthy sleep. Featuring the quietest motor on the market, superior humidification with Climate Control, comfortable Easy-Breathe waveform and a stylish, user-friendly design, ResMed’s VPAP system delivers more to your patients than any other bilevel device.


ResMed S9 VPAPTM S Specifications

Operating Modes : BiLevel and CPAP
Pressure Range : BiLevel Mode = iPAP 4cm to 25cm H2O; ePAP 3cm to 25cm H2O CPAP Mode = 4cm to 20cm H20
Size (Approximate) : BiPAP = 6.0 x 5.5 x 3.4 inches BiPAP with Humidifier = 6.0 x 11.5 x 3.4 inches Power Supply = 6.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches
Weight (Approximate) : BiPAP = 1.8 lbs BiPAP with Humidifier = 3.5 lbs Power Supply = 1.25 lbs
Ramp Time : 0 to 45 Minutes (5 Minute Increments)
Ramp Start Pressure : 4 to ePAP/CPAP Pressure
Sound Levels : Average less than 24 dBA at 10cm H2O
Comfort Technologies : EPR with Easy-Breathe
Leak Compensation : Automatic
Auto On/Off : Yes
Humidifier : H5i Integrated Humidifier (Optional)
Data Storage on SD Card : 365 days of therapy and compliance data