Sleep Study Test

Sleep Study is a test that records a variety of body functions during sleep, such as the electrical activity of the brain, eye movement, muscle activity, heart rate, respiratory effort, Air flow, and Blood Oxygen levels. These tests are used both to Diagnose Sleep Apnea and to determine its severity. 
The test can be done either at a Sleep Study facility or in the patients home. If the lest is done at home the patient must have the sensor leads applied by a trained sleep technician, and then will have to return in the morning to have the leads removed and the test unit downloaded for study. If Sleep Apnea is detected, this test may be repeated with the patient using CPAP MACHINE. (A Device that helps the patient to increase Oxygen levels during sleep) to evaluate the effect. 
There are no special preparations for this test. Its also Known as : Polysomnography
Major signs and symptoms of Sleep Apnea
• Loud and Chronic Snoring. 
• Choking, Snorting, or Gasping during Sleep. 
• Long pauses in Breathing. 
• Daytime Sleepiness, no matter how much time you spend in bed.